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Boru Douthwaite

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Boru Douthwaite's Publications



Books & Monographs :


Douthwaite, B. (2002). Enabling Innovation: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Fostering Technological Change. Zed Books, London, England




Articles in Refereed Journals :


Alvarez, Sophie; Boru Douthwaite, Graham Thiele, Ronald Mackay, Diana Cordoba and Katherine Tehelen. (2010). Participatory impact pathways analysis: a practical method for project planning and evaluation. Development in Practice, 20(8): 946-958


Douthwaite, B. and Gummert, M. (2010). Learning selection revisited: how can agricultural researchers make a difference? Agric. Syst. 103(5): pp. 245-255


Amede, Tilahun; Geheb, Kim; Douthwaite, Boru. (2009). Enabling the uptake of livestock–water productivity interventions in the crop–livestock systems of sub-Saharan Africa. Rangeland Journal, 31(2):223-230


Douthwaite, B., Beaulieu, N., Lundy, M., Peters, D. (2009). Understanding how Participatory Approaches strengthen Innovation Systems. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability 7(1) pp. 42-60

Draft submitted


Douthwaite, B., Alvarez, B.S., Cook, S., Davies, R., George, P., Howell, J., Mackay, R. and Rubiano, J. (2007). Participatory Impact Pathways Analysis: A Practical Application of Program Theory in Research-for-Development. Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation 22(2) Pages 127-159

E-mail Boru bdouthwaite@gmail.com for a pre-print


Watts, J., Horton, D., Douthwaite, B., La Rovere, R., Thiele, G., Prasad, S., Shaver, C. (2008). Transforming Impact Assessment: Beginning the Quiet Revolution of Institutional Learning and Change. Expl Agric. 44 pp. 21–35

Draft submitted


Douthwaite, Boru. 2007. Enabling Innovation: Technology- and System-Level Approaches that Capitalize on Complexity. Innovation



Douthwaite, B., Schulz, S., Olanrewaju, A., Ellis-Jones, J. (2007) Impact pathway evaluation of an integrated Striga hermonthica control project in Northern Nigeria. Agricultural Systems. 92 pp 201-222




Douthwaite, B., A. Carvajal, S. Alvarez, E. Claros and L.A. Hernández, (2006). Building farmers’ capacities for networking (Part I): Strengthening rural groups in Colombia through network analysis. KM4D Journal 2(2): 4-18. http://www.km4dev.org/journal



Franke, A.C., Ellis-Jones, J. Tarawali, G. Schulz, S. Hussaini, M.A., Kureh, I., Chikoye, D., Douthwaite, B. Oyewole, B.D., Olanrewaju, A.S. White, J. (2006). Scaling-up integrated Striga hermonthica control technologies through a participatory research and extension approach in the savanna of northern Nigeria. Crop Protection 25(8): 868-879.



Douthwaite, B., Baker, S., Weise, S., Gockowski, J., Manyong, V.M., Keatinge, J.D.H., (2005). Ecoregional Research in Africa: Learning Lessons from IITA’s Benchmark Area Approach. Experimental Agriculture, Volume 41, Issue 41, pp 271-298




Ellis-Jones, J., Schulz, S., Douthwaite, B., Hussaini, M. A., Oyewole, B. D. Olanrewaju. A. S. (2004). An assessment of integrated Striga hermonthica and early adoption by farmers in Northern Nigeria. Experimental Agriculture 40. pp353-368



Emechebe, A.M., Ellis-Jones, J. Schulz, S. Chikoye, D., Douthwaite, B., Kureh, I., Tarawali, G., Hussani, M.A., Kormawa, P., Sanni, A. (2004). Farmers’ perception of the Striga problem and its control in Northern Nigeria. Experimental Agriculture 40 pp215-232



Carsky, R.J., B. Douthwaite, V.M. Manyong, N. Sanginga, S. Schulz, B. Vanlauwe, J. Diels and J.D.H. Keatinge. (2003). Amelioration de la gestion des sols par l’introduction de légumineuses dans las systèmes céréaliers des savannas africaines. Cahiers Agricultures 12 pp.227-235


Douthwaite, B. R. Delve, J. Ekboir and S. Twomlow. (2003). Contending with complexity: The role of evaluation in implementing sustainable natural resource management. Journal of Agricultural Sustainability. Vol 1(1) pp.51-66



Douthwaite, B., T. Kuby, E. van de Fliert and S. Schulz. (2003). Impact Pathway Evaluation: An approach for achieving and attributing impact in complex systems. Agricultural Systems 78 pp243-265



Douthwaite, B.; V. M. Manyong, D. Keatinge and J. Chianu (2002). The adoption of alley farming and Mucuna: lessons for research, development and extension. Agroforestry Systems 56 193-202



Douthwaite B., J.D.H. Keatinge and J.R. Park. (2002). Learning selection: A model for planning, implementing and evaluating participatory technology development. Agricultural Systems 72 (2) 109-131



Douthwaite, B. (2002). How to enable innovation. The CIGR Journal of Agricultural Engineering Scientific Research and Development Vol. IV October 2002. Available from: http://cigr-ejournal.tamu.edu/volume4.html



Douthwaite B. J.D.H. Keatinge and J. Park. (2001). Why promising technologies fail: The neglected role of user innovation during adoption. Research Policy 30 (5) 819-836



Douthwaite, B. N. de Haan, V. M. Manyong and D. Keatinge (2001). Blending ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ Science: The ‘Follow the Technology’ Approach to Catalyzing and Evaluating Technology Change. Conservation Ecology 5(2). Available from: http://www.ecologyandsociety.org/vol5/iss2/art13/


Douthwaite, B. and R. Ortiz. (2001). Biotechnology issues for developing countries: Technology transfer. The Electronic Journal of Biotechnology 4(2).


Tado C.J.M, B. Douthwaite and P.B. Cedillo (1996). How to conduct an effective field demonstration of the stripper gatherer (SG) system. Philippine Technology Journal 21.


Douthwaite B., G.R. Quick and C.J.M. Tado (1993). The stripper gatherer system for small-area rice harvesting. Agricultural Engineering Journal 2: 183-194.


Douthwaite B., G.R. Quick and C.J.M. Tado (1993). Stripping: a new approach to small-area rice harvesting. Philippine Journal of Crop Science 18: 119-127.




Book Chapters :


Douthwaite, B., Ekboir J.M., Twomlow, S. and Keatinge, J.D.H. (2004). The Concept of Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM) and Implications for Developing Evaluation Methods In: Shiferaw, B., Freeman, H. A. and Swinton, S. M. (eds.) Natural Resource Management in Agriculture: Methods for Assessing the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Management Practices. CAB International, Wallingford, England pp. 321-340





Douthwaite, B., N. de Haan, V. Manyong, and J. Keatinge. 2003. Blending “hard” and “soft”science: the “follow the technology” approach to catalyzing and evaluating technological change.

In: B. Campbell and J. Sayer, eds. Integrated Natural resource Management: Linking Productivity, the Environment, and Development. CABI, Wallingford, UK pp 15-34




Papers Presented at Formal Conferences and Workshops :


Douthwaite, B., Douthwaite, B., Alvarez, B.S., Cook, S., Davies, R., George, P., Howell, J., Mackay, R. and Rubiano, J, C. Ringler. 2006. CPWF Impact Pathways Approach. Poster presented to the Science Council in September at CIAT, and at the SPIA meeting in Nairobi in October


Niederhauser, N., Douthwaite, B. and Oberthür, T. 2005. Information management for agricultural high value product supply chains. Poster presented at Tropentag 2005.


Douthwaite, B. R. Delve, J. Ekboir and S. Twomlow. 2002. Contending with complexity: The role of evaluation in successful INRM. Paper presented at the Fourth INRM Task Force Workshop, 16-19 September 2002, ICARDA, Aleppo, Syria.


Keatinge, J.D.H., J. Adu-Gyamfi, B. Asafo-Adjei, R. Carsky, J. Diels, B. Douthwaite, A. Emechebe, S. Ferris, L. Halos-Kim, W. Hammond, B. James, A. Kamara,V. M. Manyong, A. Menkir, N. Sanginga, S. Schulz, B.B. Singh and S. Tarawali (2002). Igniting rural prosperity in sub-Saharan Africa through CGIAR Integrated Natural Resource Management Research: The successful case study of improved cereal-grain legume systems in the West and Central African Savannah. Paper presented at the Fourth INRM Task Force Workshop, 16-19 September 2002, ICARDA, Aleppo, Syria.


Douthwaite, B., T. Kuby, E. van de Fliert and S. Schulz (2002). An Evaluation Approach for Achieving and Attributing Impact in INRM and IPM. Paper presented at International Conference on the Impacts of Research and Development, San José, Costa Rica 4-8 February 2002


Poulsen, J., B. Douthwaite and D. White (2002). Impact Assessment in Natural Resource Management Research. Paper presented at International Conference on the Impacts of Research and Development, San José, Costa Rica 4-8 February 2002


Neuenschwander, P., H. de Groote and B. Douthwaite (2002). Impact Assessment of biological control in Africa –20 years experience of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. Paper presented at International Conference on the Impacts of Research and Development, San José, Costa Rica 4-8 February 2002




Articles in International Newsletters or Other Scientific Series (provide series name, date & publisher information) :


Douthwaite, B., Sikka, A., Suliman, R., Best, J. Gaunt, J. (2006). Learning with Innovation Histories. LEISA Magazine Vol 22. http://www.leisa.info/index.php?url=show-blob-html.tpl&p%5Bo_id%5D=80649&p%5Ba_id%5D=211&p%5Ba_seq%5D=1


Douthwaite, B. and Ashby, J. 2005. Innovation Histories: A method for learning from experience. ILAC Brief 5. IPGRI, Rome. http://www.cgiar-ilac.org/downloads/Briefs/Brief5Proof2.pdf


Acosta, A. and Douthwaite, B., 2005. Appreciative Inquiry: An approach for learning and change based on our own best practices. ILAC Brief 6. IPGRI, Rome. http://www.cgiar-ilac.org/downloads/Briefs/Brief6Proof2.pdf


Watts, J. R. Mackay, D. Horton, A. Hall, B. Douthwaite, R. Chambers and A. Acosta. 2003. Institutional learning and change: An introduction. ISNAR Discussion Paper No.03-10, October 2003. Available from http://www.ciat.cgiar.org/cgiar/pdf/ilac_isnar_dp.pdf




Guides :


Paz R., Dorward A., Douthwaite B. (2006). METHODOLOGICAL GUIDE FOR EVALUATION OF PRO-POOR IMPACT OF SMALL-SCALE AGRICULTURAL PROJECTS. Centre for Development and Poverty Reduction. Imperial College, London.





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