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Derive project outputs

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Step 2: Derive project outputs




Rationale: why derive project outputs and what it brings to the process

Project outputs are something that the project produces that others use to address the issues or problems that the project is working on, i.e., the project determinants. In short project outputs are project deliverables which the donor is paying for and it is important to identify them.


The co-development and use of project outputs by next users and end users is the project's main impact strategy.

The output itself doesn't tackle the problem--it is the use of the output by the next users and the end users which will tackle the problem.


An output can be a database, a technology such as a new variety, a machine, publications, workshops involving next users and end users (not internal), training courses, capacity built in the members of the next users and end users groups.


What are not outputs are internal workshops, internal financial reports, and other internal documentation. Nevertheless, the production of these may well be progress markers towards the delivery of one or more outputs.


Preparation for the exercise:


how long it takes:

15 minutes


how to set it up:

this is a follow on from the problem tree, i.e., you need to have done the problem tree first to identify the outputs



  • Projects generally have 3 to 5 main outputs. As a rule of thumb, don't go above seven.


How to derive project outputs?

Ask the participants to identify what their projects are going to produce that will be used by others to tackle the project determinants.


Click here for a powerpoint slide of an exercise on deriving project outputs



Next step: Create a vision


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