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PIPA Workshops

Page history last edited by Cristina Lamb Guevara 10 years, 5 months ago

PIPA Workshops


Copies of the workshop reports can be found here



CPWF - Volta Basin in Akosombo, Ghana: 18 participants, 9 NON-CG


CPWF - Mekong in Vientiane, Laos: 18 participants, 13 NON-CG


CIAS Project, CIAT, Cali: 25 NGO staff from Latin America


CPWF - Karkheh Basinin Iran: 14 participants, 7 NON-CG


CPWF - Indo-Gangetic Basin: 17 participants, 8 NON-CG


CPWF - Andes System of Basins and Sao Francisco Basin: 18 participants, 10 NON-CG


CPWF - Volta Scaling Workshop, Accra, Ghana: 14 participants, 9 NON-CG




EULACIAS - University of Chapingo, Texcoco, Mexico: 17 participants, NON-CG


EULACIAS - University of la Republica, Uruguay: 20 participants, 17 NON- CG


EULACIAS- National Research Institute for Agriculture, Argentina: 27 participants, 25 NON-CG


CPWF - Yellow River, Zhengzhou, China: 25 participants, 2 NON-CG


ICT-KM Phase II, IRRI, Philippines: 15 participants, all CG


CPWF - Limpopo Basin, Johanesburg: 15 to 17 November. 39 participants, 19 NON-CG.



CPWF - Second Phase Basin Focal Projects, CIAT, Colombia. 12 participants, 4 NON-CG


Institutional Learning and Change (ILAC) Learning Laboratory Inception Workshop, CIAT, Colombia. 27 participants, 10 NON-CG


CPWF - Inception Workshop for Second Call Projects, AIT, Bangkok: 22 participants, 8 NON-CG


CPWF - Nile Basin, Addis Adaba, Ethiopia: 22 participants, 7 NON-CG






  • NON-CG = NARS, NGO, ARI, CBO staff 


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